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RallyMatt’s 24L/(Rapidly Changing to 60L) Nano Makeover : Bora Beach (Hopefully!)
The only thing with white (or any very light coloured substrate) is that fish can get spooked more easily. They seem more able to blend in with darker colours. Wink

Sounds like there's a lot of shoes turning up in the cupboards to me, and your card will be unexpectedly used. Wink Big Grin
If at first you don't succeed....
...get someone else to do it! Big Grin

Enjoy your fish, shrimps and snails!

All my posts are from a desktop.
Mobiles are way too complicated for me, although I do have one now. Wink
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That’s a good point you make there Plankton. I did rinse some yellow play sand through last night to have a play with and will definitely be using that for the beach. The new white corse substrate I shall use for the sandwaterfallthing and possibly a bit of surf if the idea works well enough!!

.... thankfully we’ve plenty of aquarium cupboards we can use for all the shoes and the cards!!! Haha

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24L Nano Scape - Red Cherry Shrimp & Rasboras.
125L Fluval - Closed & SOLDSOLDSOLD 
200L Fluval - Now Open 👍🏻
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But you know I’ll fill the cupboards with fishy stuff rather than shoes Big Grin

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500L Sooperhooge Goldfish tank containing 10 gorgeous goldies Smile
12L The Startank Aquaprise rofl Batman Snails X2, 1 Horned Nerite, 1 Tracked Nerite

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... In all ways I prefer that!! ...

Anyway, things with the tank have ground to a holt while waiting for more mail order parts which should be here tomorrow or Friday.

The second outlet for the sandwaterfallthing is fitted, reinforced and ready to test. Being honest I’m thinking I may as well wait for the Y piece to arrive and test both are working together, most likely with the 250 LPH powerhead instead. The positioning should work well as it’s above the intake in the collection pot, unlike the first which moved while the Miliput set overnight Lol!

[Image: c257cd7072be3b223a908c075a729c37.jpg]

I thought I would check what was left on the roll of opaque vinyl but it’s a few inches short of covering the two sides so am waiting on more of that to arrive.

Bored, I started seeing how the filter, heater and lights would work as it’s a larger tank than planned. The hub filter will do for now but I am very tempted to go with a Hydor 10 external. This would save more room in the tank as I could add an ETH 12mm in line heater to keep the inside of the tank as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Has or is anyone on here using either of these who can offer any advice, reviews or whatever? Any extra information much appreciated.

Currently we are using a small Beamswork led to light the 24L and it was doing a good job. In the 60L it is fine to see what you are doing in the tank but will be no good for the plants which I have planned. So, upgrade required then... After a quick chat with Cheltgirl I have ordered a Fluval Plant Nano 3.0 which is fully adjustable meaning that over time I can get the light to suit the planted areas of the tank. To get the scale I will be planning for the scape I will be using Monte Carlo and Riccia Fluitans so having a correct spectrum and adjustable light will be a must.

Hopefully all these bits will arrive tomorrow in one go so I can get the backing on, sort it’s final position on the desk and start moving in on Friday. I don’t do idle thumbs and have no patience either: tick, tock......tick......

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24L Nano Scape - Red Cherry Shrimp & Rasboras.
125L Fluval - Closed & SOLDSOLDSOLD 
200L Fluval - Now Open 👍🏻
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It’s gonna be ace ! Wink

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