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Juwel biofilters
Hi, is there anyone out there that has a good word to say about Juwel biofilters (the type fitted to vision, rio etc) I have only seen bad press everywhere for these filters with most people saying get rid and replace with good external filter. I came across an article online recently which seemed to suggest that these filters would work better if media was rearranged. Bottom basket filled completely with ceramic media and top basket with filter wool on bottom followed by fine. coarse, and finally charcoal sponges on top. Would like to hear from anyone who has tried this. Thanks
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I kept mine when I bought a Rio 240 though I did enhance the filtration rate/capacity by adding an eheim external as well. I liked the easy access of the internal filter, made it easy to get at stuff like purigen for regenerating it on a regular basis. I thought the one supplied with the 240 was borderline in capacity but if they had put the next size up in that tank it would have had too big a footprint so i could see how they were a bit compromised on that particular tank. I arranged it so I had just enough sponges to filter out the big particles and the rest was purigen and bioballs. The external had nearly all bioballs to get better nitrogen cycle turnover. Unless you accidentally cover the lower intakes on the side of the filter unit it is taking in water from both low down and at the top so the arrangement of media can be quite flexible.
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I kept 9 discus (and a shoal of tetras) in a RIO 300 years ago (Rio 300, not 300 years ago lol) with only the Juwel filter and they thrived to the point that two of them paired up and bred.

Stay up with normal water changes and don't overfeed and it's not a problem. The one annoying thing for me was back then the rubber piece the pump slotted into would go hard over time and the noise of the pump would increase. Their new pump interface system is much better.
You can add a bag or two of biomedia like Eheim Substrat Pro between the sponges or you could add an external canister using the cutout at the other end of the tank from the built in filter. The cut out would accomodate two 12/16mm hoses/fitting but 16/22mm hoses and fittings would be just too large unless you cut a bit out of the lid.

Something not many people are aware of is the Juwel filters can use a choice of pumps, the standard one that comes with it but they can also fit the next pump up. So for my RIO 350 the pump is the 1000 (litres per hour) but it will also be compatible with the 1500 litre an hour pump.

I would only use carbon to remove traces of medicine or to clarify the water if it turned brown from bogwood.

Saying all that, I now have a RIO 350 and I took the internal filter out and am using two Eheim 600's. A bit more work but everything's going well so far.
[Image: 2Tsph5y]
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As above, used the internal one with a eheim canister filter. had the rio 240 and ran it as a marine with no extra filters other than the live rock and a bag of chemipure in the built in filter box. I personally like to leave it in as it hides the heater and even if you're not using it as a filter, its worth running it as a circulation pump Smile
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I've used the one on my Juwel Trigon for 20 years, just uprating the pump from the 600 to the problems.
I've not changed any of the media in that time (don't use carbon or nitrate sponge).
I rinse the polypad weekly, and swish the sponges, on rotation, every 3 months. Mine doesn't have Cirax in it.
If at first you don't succeed....
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Enjoy your fish, shrimps and snails!

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Mobiles are way too complicated for me, although I do have one now. Wink
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