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open top lighting
What lights you using on an open top ? And reasons why you fing them so good Smile
We should not give up and we should not allow the problem 
to defeat us. 
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I have a single Giezemann Pulzar "Planted" LED light bar that stretches across the full 5' width of the 500L, it was comparatively expensive at the time, 5yrs ago. But costs pennies to run, per week and is supposed to have a 10,000hr lifespan. At the time I was very limited in choice for a light bar of this length. The alternatives were tubes, but they are considerably more expensive to power and 'should' be replaced yearly. If it were to fail tomorrow I would replace it with another LED light bar. Definitely not tubes.

A single bar is enough for the quite undemanding plants in this unheated tank. Particularly as its positioned so it gets up to a maximum 4 hours of sunlight in the mornings.

Only downside of that is the weekly algae glass scrape, but the fish consume it with gusto.
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DIY on my nano, best light i've ever ran!

using an interpet double white on the 4ft and its shocking. Good job i cba with many plants in that tank!
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I use Chihiros on the smaller tanks (30litres) and a Twinstar on one of the 200litre tanks that are open top.

The other tanks use just lights that came with them with the exception of the Fluval Roma which has a Fluval Plant 2.0 but that has a hood.
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