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A couple of daft questions...
Depends on the tanks, most good quality made ones don't need that now as they have a floating base

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Fluval Roma 240L Tank Project Bertha 2

As of 6th March

6 x Platy
10 x Golden White Cloud Minnow
4 x Amano Shrimp
2 x Giant African Shrimp
4 x Zebra Snails 2 x Assassin Snails
1 x Cherry Shrimp RIP Hitchhiker Bob
12 x Black Phantom Tetra
2 x Blue Gourami
3 x Peppered Cory
3 x Oto
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If the tank has a stand designed for it, you dont need anything as Benville mentioned about the floating base, putting something under these can void warranty.
Egg crate is used in the tank to stop rocks from resting on the base glass or falling and hitting the glass directly.
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Yep, plain glass bottom = needs something to cushion underneath - polystyrene, a yoga mat, a dedicated aquarium mat or a piece of carpet underlay. If there is a plastic frame around the bottom, effectively holding it up (a "floating base"), nothing is needed, just put it straight on the stand. Most branded tanks have the floating base but some e.g. my previous Eheim tank and custom plain glass tanks may not.
240 litre Fluval Roma - South American theme
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Super - thanks folks.
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