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Green water
Can you take some photo's to show us?  Cool
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Green water, in these circumstances, is often a type of 'new tank syndrome' and is usually caused by either too many fish or overfeeding, or (less likely) there is something in your tap water that, once the chloramine is removed the algae go mad for. So, simply put; a particular nutrient a specific type of algae is really fond of is over abundant. Couple this with too much light. and you have a recipe for a bloom.

Reduce feeding to every other day. reduce light by two thirds. and increase the volume of water you change each week.

A more extreme cure.. which is easily doable is to black out the tank for 3/4 days so absolutely no light gets in. The fish will be absolutely fine.. but the algae will not. They will die off very rapidly and so you will need to perform a major water change/gravel clean.  I would only do this if the above. reduce cleaning and light doesnt work. (not because its harmful.. but because Im a lazy git and its a faff.)

With the tank being only 6 weeks old.. its still in a state of chaotic flux. This will settle down in time. And you can speed it up by reducing the 'mystery' nutrient the algae is gorging on. As well as the light they need. And what will happen is as time goes by various species of bacteria will move into the tank and deal with these excess nutrients that the algae loves.. and it wont happen again.

I have an unheated tank that gets direct sunlight for a few hours everyday and I have never had this happen. in fact its something i have never seen aside from in photos. or outside. ponds etc.
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