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Bristlenose Pleco Poop
my little juvenile Pleco has some really weird poop and I have no idea if this is normal? So half the time is looks fine, normal but then every so often it’s like white & looks really soft white. Not the most pleasant question to ask  Undecided 
I tried to get a picture but he’s too damn fast.
I’ve never seen him eat the courgettes, lettuce or go near the Pleco wafers. I have plenty of bogwood in my tank, 4 pieces plus a luffy coco house.
Any suggestions to what it is & also what else I can try feeding him? Or her, could be a she time will tell
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How long have you had the Pleco? white/clear poop can be a sign of internal parasites or bacterial infection. As for food Plecos will eat most vegetables my old Pleco loved cucumber
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Thanks, I only got him last week, the place I always buy my fish from, he said they’d only been in 2 days.
I thought parasites but it literally is white then normal then white again. I only have Esha 2000 in the cupboard so I’ll go pick up some Paraguard & start with that first to rule out parasites then I can treat with Esha if it doesn’t work.
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Yeah sounds like it wasn't quarantined fully to be safe i would treat for internal and external bacteria and internal parasites.
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