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Guilt Tank (continued)
Yes, MossyB - please do.  What are your water parameters? Any extra organics in it (from bogwood etc.)?

Does your BBA colonise distinct parts of the tank?  Mine concentrates where the current (such as it is) from the spraybar is at its fastest.
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Um ... it's faintly possible that I've had a bit of a brainwave!

I mentioned this in Wingnut's thread, but I'll repeat it here because it's directly relevant ...

As far as I understand it, some/most/all species of BBA are naturally under-equipped for living in aquariums because they lack the ability to manufacture something essential to their operation. I think it's a vitamin. [Edit: I've now checked, and it seems to be vitamin B12].

So as a workaround they ingest bacteria that can ; a symbiosis much like, for example, 'green' Hydra ingesting single-cell algae which make carbohydrates for the Hydra to use.

If you look at most algae through a microscope it just sits there, inscrutable. If you look at BBA, the contents of its cells are (or were when I looked last!) jiggling around. I believe this is something to do with the ingested bacteria.

So in theory if we could nobble the bacteria the BBA should, in time, give up the ghost.

A standard aquarium ultraviolet lamp should quell the numbers of such bacteria in the water ; but what about the bacteria inside the BBA? Wouldn't it be good to be able to target-zap clumps of BBA with a hand-held uv-c pen (obviously it has to be waterproof) to see what might happen? The uv-c might also act negatively on BBA tissue itself (I don't know that, though).

Does such a thing exist? 

Well, so Mr. Google tells me - yes it does! The one I've found isn't in 'pen' form - the light-head is more of a square shape - but it's a step in the right direction.

I doubt very much that I could afford one (as is usually the case when prices aren't published openly!) but I shall make further enquiries.
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Water-change done and a fifth dose of AlgExit put in. I also added a teaspoonful of calcium nitrate.

More BBA was detached with the syphon hose, so it looks as if the AlgExit has been trying to work. We'll see if there appears to be an acceleration in the rate of decline, BBA-wise, in the next three or four weeks.
Thanks given by:
(13-07-2019, 08:18 AM)Vale! Wrote: Yes, MossyB - please do.  What are your water parameters? Any extra organics in it (from bogwood etc.)?

Does your BBA colonise distinct parts of the tank?  Mine concentrates where the current (such as it is) from the spraybar is at its fastest.
Hi Vale.

Best I can do for water parameters are as follows.

Tank is 125ltr. Temp 25deg. PH 7.4. Amm. 0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate 5/10, Tds 128, water hardness 2.66 Ger. (I live in Scotland, we have soft water with a high PH) Tank has Redmoor root and mopani wood in it the plants are Anubia, Java fern, crypts and Amazon swords. The BBA is colonising the wood and to be honest I don't mind it too much but my OH does not like it. My lighting is on for six hours a daily.

I did have a fair amount of algae on my plants but since I have been dosing with the AlgExit and Flourish Excel and there has been a considerable improvement.

I am only on my second treatment of the AlgExit so I live in hope.
Thanks given by:
Thanks, M.

BBA supposedly thrives in low-pH environments, in which dissolved CO2 concentration is elevated and carbonate concentration is lowered (the reverse is true for higher-pH environments. Both yours and mine would count as relatively low-pH in context, I think. Mine certainly is.

Given a choice it always seems to go for the wood first , doesn't it (does it?).  There must be something organic that it gets from wood ; or it has a relationship with something else which is using the wood's organics, maybe?i
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