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Betta Cube - WIP
Doubtful, it’ll most likely just want to dig under or around it disturbing everything again. We had a similar issue when we moved Bernie the BN in to Cheltgirl’s SoOoperHUGE for the first week. We ended up rearranging the plants slightly to avoid his ‘preferred digging areas’. Seems all ok now he’s settled and the manky bogwood is actually all clean again!

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60L Nano Cube - ‘Puffua New Guinea’ (3x Dwarf Puffer Fish).
12L Nano - ‘Escargot Emporium’ - Snail Breeding Tank.
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Lovely looking tank, I have a similar sized tank, not sure if I've missed it but what light unit is that?
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Its an old model light that was discontinued ( purchased at about £200 off! ) Arcadia 30w spot Smile The bracket is a mix of the original arm ( well two, as i have two lights ), A T5 reflector and some alloy profile Smile if you look at my old 4 foot log you can see that i used both over that with the same style DIY bracket Smile
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Looks great, it sets the tank off really well.
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Small rescape over the weekend

[Image: jCVAVmdl.jpg]
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I made a few more changes over the weekend.
I've reduced the lighting slightly as well as reducing the ferts from 1ml daily to 0.8ml daily.
I've also added 3 more amano shrimp ( first one seemed to have survived nicely ) and 3 very tiny oto's which are really busy!
Barry did show a bit of interest at first, flared up a few times then realised they didn't give a damn Big Grin
Tonights job is to have a small trim of older leaves are maybe cut/replant a few of the stems.
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