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Rift Valley lake decision
3ppm ammonia is more than enough for a malawi/mbuna tank. More than that and it can stall/massively increase the time to cycle the tank.
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Thanks given by: thesorcerous
Ah, OK, thanks for the tip, I have seen anything from between 3 and 5 ppm recommended, and I thought i'd go for more heavily stocked than less heavily stocked. I certainly don't want it to stall, but I am in no rush to add fish.
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make sure the stones are secure as they will dig the sand. I tend to put the rocks in then add the sand when it comes to malawi's and any other diggers!
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I'm not even sure a fully-stocked Rift Lake tank would go above 2ppm, certainly not more than 3. Wink

Oh, have you put plastic "egg-crate" under the rocks to prevent them dropping onto the glass? I don't think I saw anything about that....??
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Ah, good to know, thanks. Why do most sites say 3-5 ppm then? A mbuna tank will be near to the highest-stocked tank I would think (goldfish tanks, other large cichlids?). I'll make sure I go to 3 ppm in future.

Yes, egg-crate covers the whole of the bottom. Most of the larger rocks are on the egg-crate, and then sand around them. Some of the smaller rocks are on the sand. There are four large rocks which I am using as "foundation" and I will put other rocks on top of these.

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