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Mol_PMB's wildlife pond
Today’s work has been to clean up all the remaining blocks and stones. This was hard work on a rather damp day, but finally it’s finished and I’m almost ready to start rebuilding the wall. My plan to lay out all the stones in size order failed when I ran out of space, so they still need sorting. I’m too knackered to start now though! Time to get clean and start planning the pond planting.
[Image: ROSXNgpl.jpg][Image: IRhJJLol.jpg]
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I've just ordered the liner, which I expect (hope!) will be the most expensive part of the project as I have bought a quality one.
It might be worth summarising the costs so far; if anyone else is considering a similar project this will give you an idea:
Sand and cement, plus a bricklaying trowel £85.68
Hessian sacks (previously used for coffee beans) £10.00
1mm Butyl liner and underlay £277.51
Wildlife pond book £3.27 (secondhand)
Total so far £376.46
So far, all the other materials have been recycled and the tools were either already in stock or borrowed from friends.

Things still to buy:
A few tiles for the runnel and overflow (hopefully reclaimed)
Some sort of coping for the front wall (maybe more reclaimed tiles)
Some guttering parts to divert the downpipe into the pond
Plant pots (for a few which need containing, otherwise I'll use the hessian sacks)

I've decided not to add a pump and filter as most of the advice I have read says that they're counter-productive for a wildlife pond.

I'm hoping the total cost will be less than £600. Ask me again in a couple of months!
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Wow that’s a lot of hard graft! Should be fantastic though.

I’d love a wildlife pond but no room now I’ve planted up my wildlife garden. I’ve actually been looking at a mini raised pond as a compromise. The birds and insects love my garden though which is something!

Will be following your progress with great interest!
Love Han xx

Currently fish-less but living in hope and learning whilst I wait!  xx
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Thanks Han!
(did we meet once when I picked up a 450L tank?)
I'm all for supporting wildlife, and although most of my garden is dedicated to organic fruit and veg, I'm happy to let the birds share some of it. They repay the favour by eating the aphids!

I've ordered some plants today. I'm going to plant them in a plastic crate to start with, if they arrive before the pond has water. I'm keen to get some established over winter rather than wait until spring before planting anything (though I will certainly add more in spring).

Product Quantity Price
Cotton Grass (Eriophorum Angustifolia) native Marginal plants 1 £2.75
Mares Tail (Hippuris Vulgaris) native. Marginal plants 1 £2.75
Bog Bean (Menyanthes trifoliata) Native. Marginal. 1 £3.50
Pennyroyal (Mentha pulegium) Native Marginal plants 1 £2.75
Spike-rush. (Eleocharis Palustris) native Marginal plants 1 £2.75
Tubular Water Dropwort (Oenanthe fistulosa) Native Marginal plants 1 £2.75
Pink flowering rush (Butomus umbellatus) native Marginal 1 £2.75
Black sedge (Carex nigra) Native Marginal plants 1 £2.75
Pond plant basket 19 X 19cm square 5 £5.50
Total including shipping was £35.23, to add to the budget!
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Well the last few days have been busy at work and I've had some pain in my foot which has stopped me working in the garden. But today I've had four deliveries, three for the pond.

First to arrive was the liner and underlay:
[Image: bBvPnX4l.jpg]

Next was a package of hessian sacks, previously used for coffee beans:
[Image: rvITrlwl.jpg]
I am going to use some of these for planting the shallow areas - I'll fill them with soil and plant into them like a growbag. Eventually the hessian will degrade, but by that time the plant roots should have spread to hold the soil together.

Finally the plants arrived. Of course the pond is far from ready for planting, but I was keen to get some plants settled in so that when spring arrives they're ready to grow. For now I've created a miniature swamp in a large plastic tub, and planted them into that. The larger ones are planted in individual baskets but the smaller ones are just in mud, and will be transplanted to the hessian sacks when they are installed. I was pleased with my plant order; they were good value, seem in good condition and in several cases it was easy to separate the clump into two.
[Image: t1r2sfAl.jpg]

The other delivery was a box of old books from China, to support my research into narrow-gauge steam locomotives built in China. I'm gradually getting better at reading Mandarin.

I might go out and start the bricklaying later.
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