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fishless cycle break
Hi all,

The fishless cycle in my c.150 litre tank is pretty much complete. I have been reading 0 ammonia and 0 nitrite after bringing up the ammonia to 4 ppm 12 hours beforehand. However, I am away for a few days next week. Do you know how long I can take a break from putting ammonia in, without disrupting the cycle?

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A few days shouldn't make too much difference. Top up the ammonia to 2ppm before you go, and again when you get back, just to make sure it's still ok. Smile
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Enjoy your fish, shrimps and snails!

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  • thesorcerous
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Great, thanks! I thought it would probably be fine, but as I've never done a fishless cycle before (I have never needed to), I thought I would check.

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plankton Wrote:A few days shouldn't make too much difference. Top up the ammonia to 2ppm before you go, and again when you get back, just to make sure it's still ok. Smile

Good advise as always from Ian (plankton) [Image: zPo6lL0l.gif]
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Perfect, thanks guys! I have ordered the fish. 6x Labidochromis hongi and 8x Cytotiplapia afra. They will arrive on 18 October, so hopefully some pictures will follow.

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thesorcerous...Glad your tank got through that process, and I bet you're looking forward to seeing the little buddies swimming around., well done. ... Mine is in its 5th week of the cycle and still has huge amounts of ammonia, nitrite and nitrate! But at least the plants are thriving. Bit boring though, sitting staring at green leaves wafting in the current!. :-)

4 hours later: Well there's a surprise! Decided to check the ammonia level instead of just staring at waving plant leaves and behold! it is now o.5ppm, but nitrite and nitrate still high. So ...thesorcerous... I will watch to see your progress with great interest as I appear to be some distance after you. Thank you for starting the chat. Keep us posted.
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Good to hear the ammonia is finally coming down Jon_D. Fingers crossed it completes the aerobic cycle quickly. What fish are you hoping to put in?

Realised I made an error earlier - the fish I'm getting are Cynotilapia afra "Jalo Reef".

Already thinking I should have just got a larger tank to begin with. Bit by bit I replaced everything else in the setup, apart from the glass tank. Would have been much better to just buy a new one. Oh well, I like building my own from scratch Smile

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