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Food brands
What is everyone's go to brand of food? Currently I feed a mix of flakes, bloodworm, daphnia, pellets and wafers from varies brands. Is one type of food better than the other?. Am I doing it right by given them a variety of food.
Juwel Vision 180
5 corys
6 guppys
2 honey gouramis (barry and paul)
4 neons
3 black tetras
3 mollys (dobby, DC, buckbeak)
6 penguin tetras 
Fluval 125
3 Angel fish
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Mixed foods are good, I use frozen bloods worms, mosquito and daphnia as well. Also veggie once a week, blanched crushed peas, courgette, peppers etc.
Our LFS stocks mostly JBL and their own brand but I stick to JBL, little more cost wise but think it’s better, might be wrong haha. I do know manufacturers do pack in stores own labels, so maybe I should rethink that haha.
Bikini Bottom - 168l
Bronze, Peppered  & Albino Cory, Black Widows, Cherry Barbs, Green Tiger Barb (rescues), Amanos.
The Kremlin - 58l 
Bronze Corys.
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I use good old Tetramin flakes, PaH own brand sinking pellets & tubifex cubes. JBL algae wafers and Tetra pasteurised sachets (bloodworm, daphnia & brine shrimp) as well as frozen bloodworm from PaH and peas/spinach/courgette etc.

I'm not that hung up on brands. I think as long as you're varying their diet (as per Annie) and mixing up the brands, then it won't be an issue.
Planted Fluval 240 Roma
18 Harlequins
12 Amano Shrimp
8 Panda Corydoras
6 Kuhli Loaches
4 Otos
3 Pearl Gouramis
3 Assassin Snails
1 Neon Tetra
Platy fry
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New life spectrum pellets or the gamma blister packs for frozen Smile
Vary it about, with fresh veg for my pleco Smile
 😇 Heaven doesn’t want me...
And Hell is afraid I’ll take over! 😈
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I use a mixture of fluval bugbites, hikari & frozen foods
Apistogramma Hongsloi (Basil & Bertha), Ember Tetras, Sulawesi & Nerite snail, Pygmy Cory & fry (C Hastatus), Oto’s, emerald eyes, 2 Honey Gouramis (Sam & Dean), Ghost Shrimp & not forgetting the 3 orphaned mosquito raspboras
Betta Splendens (Kung Fu Bob), Nerite snail, Salt & Pepper Pygmy Cory
100l (I think.....)
2 Fancy Goldfish (2 Ronnie’s) & their 2 snail friends, Woody & Buzz
Thanks given by:
I mix all the dry food into the a small tupperware tub and then feed from that so they get a selection each day. Then for the corys I put in specifically sinking protein pellets for them. I dont worry toooo much about brands but I tend to use NLS, Bugbites, Hikari and NT Labs and then some frozen foods which i can't recall the name.

For the shrimp only tanks they eat different types of food to the fish anyway but again I mix there dry foods which are a mixture of snowflake, pollen, algae pellets, dried nettles etc and then alternative between that and fresh veg, but they only get fed every other day.
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