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Any idea what's happening to this plant
Thats the other one i couldn't think of! I know i had it in my 3 foot, not the right size leaves for that though. Big Grin
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(09-10-2019, 07:57 AM)Munchy2007 Wrote: Definitely high light. Your tank looks about the same size as mine (220 Litre and 48" long) and I only use a single 38W T8 tube now.

I used to use 2 x 38W T8s, and the plants grew very fast indeed, however, it was difficult to keep the tank balanced with regard to the CO2/water circulation requirements and so avoid runaway algae problems. Even with a single tube they still grow fast enough for my liking, but it's far easier to manage the CO2 requirements.

In my experience and also from advice received on UKAPS in the past, I've come to understand that yellowing leaves can often, in fact, be the result of too much light in comparison to the available CO2/ferts, rather than too little light, as the strong lighting is driving the plant to grow faster than it can comfortably manage with the available nutrients, so it can start to exhibit the symptoms of nutrient deprivation. Which ties in with your observation of the plant condition since adding the extra lights.

With 4 x 54W lights, you're going to need to keep a very careful eye on things and you'll also probably need to run the CO2 at a level that is going to make the fish uncomfortable or worse. It's likely that a lot of examples of high light, planted tanks don't house fish long term due to the high level of CO2 injection required to keep them algae free.

Also, it's worth bearing in mind that once algae has established itself in the tank, it can be very hard to eradicate it without a complete tank cleanout and starting from scratch with completely clean equipment, BBA being the hardest to deal with (speaking from experience here, having just spent over 12 months doing so myself and only got on top of it within the last few weeks).

Obviously, if your tank is much larger than my estimation, then that will have a bearing on the comments I've made, however, the general points still apply.
Thanks for the reply the tank is 6ft and over 400L I was suffering with some shaded areas with only 2 x54w bulbs so adding the extra 2 has given complete coverage to the tank with no dark areas I have upped the CO2 dose to the tank and can soon up the Ei ferts if needed

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(09-10-2019, 08:12 AM)Stephen Wrote: I'm wondering if the plant is Heteranthera zosterifolia (stargrass) ?
I have been advised its Pogostemon stellatus and on googling that plant it likes heavy light and CO2 providing of course that is the correct identification of the plant I thought corals where hard work

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Pogostemon stellatus has red ( ish ) stems and goes a lovely shade of orange/red under high lights. So that does sound more like it.
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This shows my current bubble count

This shows how the CO2 is distributed after it's been sucked up into the FX5 it has awesome distribution and the checker stays a firm green

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