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Harlequin death: no tail!
As I passed my 260 tank this afternoon, I saw a dying Harlequin lay on the bottom of the tank, minus its tail. I'm sure its due to attack from another fish, as there's no sign of illness on any fish.
Its my new tank, so only just starting to stock it, I firstly added 5 zebra danio on 27 Sept, followed by 6 cory, then 8 penguin tetra, 6 redeye tetra and 5 harlequins, left things for a week, lost a cory, not a mark or anything on it, the shop replaced it, just added 2 reticulated cory on Saturday.
The danios are my main suspects, they are constantly chasing the tetras and harlequins: I had similar problems with my 160l tank, started with danios, which chased any new fish as I added them, then after a week or so they just sort of gave up chasing them.
Has anyone had problems with danios? Its almost like they are territorial, and don't like more fish moving into their tank ! Shock
I started adding Melafix on Monday, 2nd dose today, as the new corys are missing barbels, I have checked the water, its bang on normal, ammonia & nitrites zero, nitrates 10, pH7, but KH are just 3.
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I'd actually be suspecting the redeyes, they can be monsters in small groups, you really need 12+ to keep the bickering within the group.
If at first you don't succeed....
...get someone else to do it! Big Grin

Enjoy your fish, shrimps and snails!

All my posts are from a desktop.
Mobiles are way too complicated for me, although I do have one now. Wink
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Ok thanks, I've been watching them all even more than usual, of course they are all like children, nicely behaved and playing together, but I bet the moment I turn my back, they are fighting again!
I think I'll add more redeyes, they are stunning under the RGB lights, their eyes glow like lasers, I can see them from across the room at night.
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Today I found a dying zebra danio, its got a lump of its 'nose/mouth' missing  Sad 
I now suspect the red eye tetra as advised by plankton, they were chasing several fish round the tank last night, its a 260 litre tank, and they covered most of it in the chase!
I don't suppose using Melafix has anything to do with 2 deaths, since?
I'm very careful to use the correct dose, 4ml in my 160, and 6.6ml in my 260. On a happier note, I've got 3 more sword babies in the 160  Big Grin 
Should I return the 5 redeyes, or buy more? I do really like them, but they are acting like a mini shoal of Piranha...
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The Melafix would only be a problem with pencil fish or labyrinths at full dose.
Redeyes are nice but stroppy. I use lemons in communities, as their eyes show up well.
If I had redeyes again I'd base the tank around them and have a large squadron. Wink
If at first you don't succeed....
...get someone else to do it! Big Grin

Enjoy your fish, shrimps and snails!

All my posts are from a desktop.
Mobiles are way too complicated for me, although I do have one now. Wink
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