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Tiger lotus - surface leaves or no?
I have a tiger lotus in my 135l, and I'm not sure wether to let it grow surface leaves or to cut them back. I have made a list of advantages and disadvantages but I'm still not sure what to do?

Advantages of surface leaves:
  • They have cool flowers
  • It will encourage pretty much all my fish to spawn
  • The water lettuce in my tank is not southeast Asian (although neither is the lotus) so the lotus will act as a more biotope friendly surface plant
  • The corner where the lotus is is very dark so I don't want it to die due to lack of light.
Disadvantages of surface leaves:
  • It will grow very very very big. 
  • May use up all nutrients and lots of root space
  • May start reproducing and take over the tank
  • Block light due to huge leaves. 
Is it possible to control the lotus when it has surface leaves? What do you guys think I should do with the points given, or maybe you have other points I haven't mentioned? 
Thanks given by:
if you want it on the surface, leave it there. if you don't, trim the leaves at the substrate where they come from the bulb.

Letting the leaves get to the surface means the plant is more 'leggy' but keep them trimmed and it will grow shorter and more bush like Smile
Thanks given by:
I've got one that is approaching halfway up the tank but it doesn't have many leaves on it so I might let it go first time and see just how it developes, I don't have any surface plants and if it starts to get out of hand I will just hack it back as fr499y suggests. I planted it close to the back anyway.
Thanks given by:
As an update mine continued to flourish and produced loads of big leaves on the surface. However it got to th epoint whereby they were influencing the movement of water around the tanks and trapping bits of uneaten food so I've hacked them back quite a bit now.
Thanks given by: PJN

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