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Sweet Knowle Aquatics
This has to be one of the best aquatics shops in the West Midlands!

Well worth a visit if your in the area. Some of the healthiest fish I've seen, all tanks are spotless, not a single dead fish can be seen.
Oh and remember to say hi to Eric Tongue
Thanks given by:
Looks good, slide show at the bottom of the page looks amazing, very healthy looking fish and nice clean tanks.
Juwel Rio 450 LED

10 Rummynose Tetras
12 Glowlight Tetras
16 Cardinal Tetras
6 Red Phantom Tetras
8 Silvertip Tetras
6 Cherry Barbs
1 Pearl Gourami (female)
5 Sterbai Corys
3 Bandit Corys ?
2 Panda Corys ?
2 Bristlenose Plecs

Tank 70% stocked with above housemates.  Smile
Thanks given by:
They look amazing. Love that they quarantine all fish for 2 weeks. Wish we lived nearer!
240 litre Fluval Roma: 27 harlequin rasboras, 24 neon tetras, 8 albino corydoras, 6 otocinclus, 6 honey gourami
Thanks given by:
Me too. Very nice looking place.

Thanks given by:
The lilly ponds are lovely to walk around in the summer, and the 'pond' at the bottom of there place has some HUGE koi in. I say pond, its a small lake!
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I went there some years ago and was very underwhelmed by the place. Drove down the road into a farmyard and eventually found the tanks in a barn. A shop selling accessories in another part of the barn and that was it. Spent about 15 minutes there and didn't see a soul so left. Obviously changed a lot now so I think another trip is in order. 
Thanks given by:
Still the same shop Smile Family run business and usually theres three of them working Smile
Can be a bit confusing as like you say, you drive down a gravel track into a farm and work your way around to what appears to be a barn.

It was my go-to place for redmoor root but they focus more on the fish than accessories now.
Thanks given by:
Wow, look brilliant. Wish I lived nearer!
Thanks given by:
I have visited Sweet Knowles at Stratford-upon-Avon a few times.
It is off the beaten track and it looks like you are going to a farm.
Inside there are lots of tanks with lots of fish.
They also will also post fish to you (fish by post).

Despite my few visits I have never bought anything from there.

Sweet Knowle Aquatics
Wimpstone/Ilmington Road
CV37 8NR

If you do intend to visit then also take the 6 mile drive to
Maidenhead Aquatics.
Stratford Garden Centre
Campden Road
Clifford Chambers
CV37 8LW

6 foot (600L) S.America river theme.
1 x Satanoperca leucosticta, 4 x Satanoperca jurupari, 5 x Laetacara curviceps, 17 x Hyphessobrycon erythrostigma, 11 x Corydoras robineae, 9 x Corydoras duplicareus, 8 x Skunk Cory (C020), 7 x Corydoras rabauti, 9 x Oto (Otocinclus sp.)

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