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Eirmotus octozona
I just had to dust off the camera for a different purpose but finding myself with it in hand, and finding my hand quite close to the Eirmotus tank, I thought a little update would be appropriate.

The tank itself has settled down nicely. A bit of bogwood 'roof' became detached (OK I was clumsy during a water-change!) and is now floating around. It may or may not sink eventually but the moss and Bucep stapled to it are enjoying their drift around in the 'sunshine' for the time being at least.


Although the fish have access to both sides of the tank, they've all steadfastly remained in the left-hand side.  For a few weeks I wasn't able to see them at all unless I dropped in some food and then quickly scootled away to a dark part of the room to observe.  Over the past couple of weeks they've become much bolder and now actually come out of their cave to demand food if they see me.  The following pic is (as usual) blurry but you get the idea :


Two of the new Eirmotus that I invited to join those already in the 400L tank have also shrugged off their shyness - at least I assume it's the same two each time I see them. There's a slight but noticeable size differential between them and those in the species tank, the latter not having to compete for food, of course.
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Good to hear all is well! Smile
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All seems well Vale, tanks and fish looking good.  Wink 

Juwel Rio 450 LED

14 Rummynose Tetras
12 Glowlight Tetras
15 Cardinal Tetras
5 Red Phantom Tetras
4 Silvertip Tetras
5 Cherry Barbs
1 Pearl Gourami (female)
5 Sterbai Corys
3 Bandit Corys 
1 Panda Corys 
2 Bristlenose Plecs (how many) and  2 babys.
4 Bolivian Rams
10 Lemon Tetras

Tank 87% stocked  Smile
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Just an update - nothing's really changed except that I felt sorry for the few that were left at the LFS. They were so thin, so I gave them a home.

My video editing thing still isn't working so this is 'raw' from my tablet.

Gosh - it's lost so much quality. It was supposed to be HD as well!
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Youtube does that, it might need a few seconds to stream to come up better (or so i’ve found with mine).
Looking very calm and tranquil Smile
 😇 Heaven doesn’t want me...
And Hell is afraid I’ll take over! 😈
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I apologise as this is the first time I've read this thread.
What a lovely looking fish the Eirmotus octozona is.
I have not seen these in any LFS that I have visited.
6 foot (600L) South America Rio Guaporé theme.

7 x Biotodoma cupido, 4 x Laetacara dorsigera, 2 x Apistogramma trifasciata (wild), 20 x Gymnocorymbus ternetzi, 18 x Hyphessobrycon eques, 30 x Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi, 18 x Corydoras Sterbai, 12 x Corydoras caudimaculatus, 9 x Otocinclus sp.

My Flickr page
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