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Cherry barb possible parasite?
Hi, a bit of help please?

One of my Cherry barbs has something sticking out from its belly close to the line of the pec fins.
Does anyone have an idea what it might be please,

Thanks given by:
My immediate thought was:  'prolapse'. But its location doesn't fit with organs which 'normally' prolapse (anus, ovaries for example). It looks like it's closer to where liver and/or a portion of the large intestine would be. It's difficult to tell from the photo exactly what the surface/shape of thing looks like, but it doesn't seem to fit with what little I know about parasites - although I could be very wrong. Hmm.

A guess might be: an (internal) infection has caused weakening of the poor thing's abdominal wall, leading to a lesion through which a part of the intestine has poked. Alternatively an external trauma could have cause a lesion, with similar results : fishy aggression often involves barging into a target in the region of vital organs, hoping to cause damage - is that a possibility? Do you have a sufficiently large number of the barbs such that aggression can be 'diluted' (not the right word but I can't think of the proper one at the mo!) rather than one weak individual fielding all of it? 

In order to definitively rule in, or out, a parasite we'd need a better pic, I think. Mind you I'm hardly one to talk, given my photographic skills!
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Cant add anything to Vale!’s post, i was only going to suggest ‘dispersed’ as opposed to ‘diluted’ Wink just trying to help Vale! so he can relax his mind and keep his thoughts for “mad science” Big Grin
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And Hell is afraid I’ll take over! 😈
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It looks like a female - have they been spawning a little too aggressively maybe?
(I used "spread the aggression" to avoid confusion, or "Bruce" - that also avoids confusion.... Wink )
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...get someone else to do it! Big Grin

Enjoy your fish, shrimps and snails!

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Thanks given by:
Thanks for all your replies. It could be a prolapse through a wound of some kind, the protruding tissue has now kind of lost any substance it had and has tissue paper/skin like look to it.

I have 3 females and one male currently and I observed some reasonable aggression from the male yesterday so it may be a result of that. I can't manage to get a pic any better than the one already posted unfortunately.

I have quarantined the fish and put some Melafix in as a best option for the situation. She's still eating and moving okish so I will just have to wait and see.

Many thanks again.
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