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Eheim pro 3 filter
Hello all

I’m after a bit of help or information on a eheim pro3 filter 2073
I stuck a wattage meter on the filter and found it to be drawing 115w.
I’m using all eheim media (mech,biomech & substrat) with filter wool, checked it before & after a clean but its drawing the same wattage. 

Any ideas why this could be or anyone else come across this issue??
Any help would be much appreciated 
Thanks Bill
Thanks given by:
Hello and welcome Bill Smile
From reading online, had a little difficulty as the 2273 comes up as a pro4 not pro3. But is it possible the wattage is down to the pump and the heater working? As the pump might be 16watt but the heater is 210watt (approx) and the thermostat circuit would be constantly monitoring the temp (i think) and that would be linked to the heater circuit. (This is all my own thoughts as i read its a pump and heater altogether and i’m just putting my engineering mind to it). I’m also not sure if it would make a difference where you were measuring the wattage.
 😇 Heaven doesn’t want me...
And Hell is afraid I’ll take over! 😈
Thanks given by: Billcarphead
According to Eheim the Pro4 2273 (350) is a 15W external filter without the built-in heater.
115W does not sound right for the filter on it's own. Did you mistakenly test the filter, lights and heater which may be on the same electrical circuit.
How exactly are you testing?
6 foot (600L) South America river theme.
Thanks given by: Billcarphead
Hello and welcome to the site !
Cool I’m a goofy goober  Cool
Thanks given by: Billcarphead
Sorry checked again it’s a pro3  2073  with no heater should be running at 16w
Thanks for looking it up
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