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Apistogramma cacatuoides - single male?
I've been reading up on this fish - it seems that they are reasonably peaceful in a community tank until they start to breed, and then the females get viciously defensive. And the males can harass the females to death. Is this right? If so, would a single male be happy in a community tank, or is it M + several F or nothing? Thanks in advance!
240 litre Fluval Roma - South American theme
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Something I actually know/have experience of! Big Grin
We first got our apistos we got 1 male (Bubba) and 3 females, 2 of the females would have the odd spat and we did lose one earlyish on. The other two however did well, one didnt have any pectoral fins and never bred, and the other bred with Bubba in our 180l.
Bubba never harrassed the females, and the females only became aggressive when they bred, and it was only anyone who got too close to the territory. She would also allow Bubba to help raise the fry, and he would take her place when she went off chasing someone, we never had any injuries or deaths from the chases. I would wonder if it has to do with room and lines of sight within the tank resulting in the females being able to continue their chase/attack on any intruders. Their territory is around 30cmx30cm but i’m sure they would extend it a little bit further if the decor/environment allows (lines of sight etc).
We had to move the fry to another tank when Bubba and mum started chasing them away. We kept one of the male fry (Jayne) out of 12 total survivors, and Bubba lasted for a while just on his own as we lost the females.
We now have Jayne and a gold colour variant female (Merida), who are in separate tanks atm but i’m hoping to put them together again soon. So far we did have eggs from them but Jayne is not as calm as Bubba and he has got a bit suspect with Merida after a few days (but that is in a 65l tank), and it can take them several attempts to get breeding right, but we have been wondering if Jayne would be better with a harem instead of a single female as he does have tonnes of attitude, but he is definitely calmer in a bigger space and as far as I’m aware the only casualties we’ve had from him were my signifer rainbows, which he turned on once he realised he was big enough to do so as he used to hang around with them when he was much smaller. Cichlids right?
But generally they have been good tank mates, just make sure any other inhabitants aren’t too small around males just incase they decide they’re a snack (they do have big mouths!)
Hope that helps and makes sense Smile
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(That was a lot more than i thought it was rofl)
 😇 Heaven doesn’t want me...
And Hell is afraid I’ll take over! 😈
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Thanks so much, that is massively helpful! I've seen Jayne in your photos and he is gorgeous. (It does confuse me that his name is Jayne but he's male, but I need to let go of my gender assumptions Wink ) Lots to think about. How does Jayne get on being on his own?

The other thing is I do have a pair of Bolivian rams that are breeding, not sure how two pairs of breeding cichlids would do though it is a 4ft tank and heavily planted. That's another reason I thought a single male might be better but don't want him to be lonely / bored / not able to act naturally.
240 litre Fluval Roma - South American theme
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I currently have a breeding pair of Cacs but I have over time had one male as a "main fish" and tbh I never noticed any negatives from him being alone.

As far as cichlids go, they are quite "calm" over all.

The breeding pair I have at the moment are what I call my "odd couple". The male has produced many spawns in the past including with the current female but in the last few months I haven't had anything and thats not for the female not trying, she is constantly showing breeding behaviour and colours but he seems to have have lost interest so i think I will get another two females for him to see if that gets him to show some interest. Perhaps he is bored of the same fish Big Grin.
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As Stuaz has said they are quite calm, Jayne is fine on his own (looks up Firefly [tv series] to see where the name comes from Wink), he pesters the platies but leaves SJP alone but its nothing serious, normally gives more chase at feeding time but that’s because everyone is in one place.
They might be ok as long as they have enough space from each other but i would keep a careful eye on them, they wont appreciate any territory invasion Wink
 😇 Heaven doesn’t want me...
And Hell is afraid I’ll take over! 😈
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