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RE: Daphnia

Post by piker »

@"piker" : thanks for those comments. I'm trying my best not to over-elaborate my plans, but I do want to try generating algae separately but in the same tank (if you see what I mean!). To feed Moina properly two types of algae are necessary, apparently. I used Nannochloropsis and Chlorella before, keeping them in flower vases, but I had great difficulty in keeping contaminants out and eventually gave up and reverted to food of the kind you describe. It included the water used to wash rice, which seemed to work reasonably well. I'm hoping this time that I may be able to culture both together, in a compartment adjacent to the Moina cultures.  Anyway - I don't want to clutter this threads with all that! What roughly was the range of temperatures in the garage that the insulation had to deal with?  Mine can range from near-freezing in Winter to boiling hot in the Summer because the garage door faces the afternoon/setting sun. I'm hoping not to have to have some sort of cooling mechanism!

The temp in the summer is not too bad it stays pretty cool,I did remove the front piece of insulation and opened the hood up to help matters.
Winter was pretty cold,that's when I added the insulation.

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Re: Daphnia

Post by Jon_D »

I have tried 3 times recently to breed Daphnia...no 😂 joy. Despite faithfully copying all the hints on YouTube. Room temperature always constant . etc. Will give it another go as I would really like to breed some fish for my bigger tank.

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