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Repashy tips

Posted: Tue Jan 05, 2021 16:49 pm
by Danmassey
Hi just wondering if anyone has any tips surrounding the use of repashy. Thought I'd try it for my bristlenose.

After a couple of attempts the issues I'm having are:
It disintegrates when it goes into the tank.
Every fish loves it so it doesn't reach the bottom for the pleco.

This time I tried letting it set around a plant weight (the ceramic doughnut things) which worked well but I feel that that ends up putting way to much food in the tank.

Any suggestions welcome, thanks!

Re: Repashy tips

Posted: Tue Jan 05, 2021 17:39 pm
by VikingMummy2015
Shouldn’t disintegrate so maybe add more powder and refrigerate a day or two before cutting and adding.
Another option I tried (failed) was to make algae lollipops for my ottos. I might try it again but the smell is bad and lingering and might trigger my son’s multiple weird allergies. You make up a batch and pour it into sheets and then oven bake on the lowest heat for about 10 hours to basically make it into jerky. Shouldn’t disintegrate that way. What happened to me was I added bamboo skewers thinking the mix would set around it. I probably didn’t leave it long enough so the sticks just pulled out with a vague coating.

Re: Repashy tips

Posted: Tue Jan 05, 2021 18:22 pm
by Danmassey
Ok I'll try adjusting the mix a bit first, 10 hours in the oven with that smell percolating is not something I fancy