Using phosguard in a planted tank?

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Using phosguard in a planted tank?

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I'm still weighing up the problem of having high (2ppm) phosphate in my tap water.

Has anyone used phosguard in a planted tank and with successful plants?

If you have high phosphates, eg 2ppm, and have a successful tank set up, please do let me know how you manage your tank to keep algae away.

I have had two past experiences in two separate planted tanks of bad black beard algae invasions with low nitrates and low light, but with phosphate in my tap water of 2ppm+

I can't guarantee it was the phosphate and guess if it was, that I don't want to go down that route again. :woo:


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Re: Using phosguard in a planted tank?

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Black beard algae or BBA is caused by either low or fluctuating CO2 levels or not enough water circulation around the plants.
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