neon tetra (how many)

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neon tetra (how many)

Post by mrt »

just a quick question but i know the tetras swim in shoals but how many would you guys say for them to look good?
i have always loved the colours i think they look awesome and being small i was thinking maybe 40 of them would be cool?

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Re: neon tetra (how many)

Post by fr499y »

I always go for 10+ in a group.

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Re: neon tetra (how many)

Post by mikeyw64 »

the more the merrier

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Re: neon tetra (how many)

Post by AshLawson »

More is good! How big is your tank and what else are you looking to add?
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Re: neon tetra (how many)

Post by plankton »

Are you still going for angels?
I ask as I would have gone for cardinals rather than neons for the temperature compatibility and they're a bit bigger..... ;)

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Re: neon tetra (how many)

Post by Art »


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Re: neon tetra (how many)

Post by Andys temperate tank »

How many is in there? It looks great.
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Re: neon tetra (how many)

Post by SPACKlick »

Price is right rules for guesses, nearest without going over?

I guess 78.

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Re: neon tetra (how many)

Post by Gingerlove05 »

I can count 73 :D
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Re: neon tetra (how many)

Post by Stephen »

Gingerlove05 wrote: Sat Oct 17, 2020 10:18 am I can count 73 :D
I have 70 in my aquarium, the more the better ;]
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