An other really round tetra

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An other really round tetra

Post by Tycho »

Quite worried about one of my tetra's, its been getting progressively more rounded, at first I thought that it might have been eggs but it looks more like its full of air, unfortunately I can't get a decent picture

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Re: An other really round tetra

Post by plankton »

Cut down on the feeding, she looks like an alpha so will get the food first.....
To see what's going on, stop feeding for a couple of days, then only feed a crushed (cooked) pea, they won't eat the skin unfortunately, only the inside.
Then do a cooler water change and see what happens.

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Re: An other really round tetra

Post by codheadjohn »

Agree with @plankton

That's not completely what they look like with overeating, but it's certainly bloated.

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Re: An other really round tetra

Post by Redpanda »

I have a 2-3 cardinals that look like this. I’m really not sure I’m over feeding as others look ok. They were like this for couple of months now at least. Very weird 🙈

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