Pea Puffer

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Pea Puffer

Post by Marty.h »

Just come across these cool looking fish have had a read and some say yes to a community tank and others say no whats peoples opinions on them I have read they can be difficult to feed does anyone have any experience with them



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Re: Pea Puffer

Post by Stephen »

6 foot (550L) - Rio Ucayali themed
9 x juvenile Biotodoma Cupido, 54 x Paracheirodon innesi, 23 x Thayeria boehlkei, 29 x Gold Laser Cory (CW010), 2 x Flash pleco (L204) named George & Mildred

2 foot (120L) - Breeding tank (temporary stocked)
15 x Paracheirodon innesi, 9 x Three-lined Cory (Corydoras trilineatus)

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Re: Pea Puffer

Post by Feather_Borb »

I kept them years ago. I think that I had hillstream loaches with them without incident but didn't try any other fish. Mine were easy to feed. They ate small snails, frozen blood worms and live brine shrimp.

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Re: Pea Puffer

Post by fr499y »

I had them in a species only tank. 3 per 25L works pretty well aslong as you have plenty of plant cover!

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Re: Pea Puffer

Post by plankton »

They have teeth, so keeping them with anything else is always a huge risk, no matter how many people say they're ok for communities.
I'd bet (if I were a betting man, which I'm not) that they get problems they can't account for at some stage or other...... ;)
You'd need a separate tank to farm snails for them as they need them to keep their teeth from overgrowing (as well as the species only tank for them ;) ).

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