Slightly Leaky Fluval Roma 240 in Hampshire

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Slightly Leaky Fluval Roma 240 in Hampshire

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I finally had confirmation today that the shop will be delivering my new tomorrow so it's time to try and find a home for the old one
The tank is generally in pretty good condition with no major scratches or the glass that I am aware of, it has however had a couple of extra holes cut in the lid for the pipes from my second filter. it is also missing all the lighting electronics as the original T8's where replaced with T5's by me a couple of years ago as I had issues with the original T8 drivers and I want to keep these to use elsewhere
It has a matching black cabinate / stand in black, this was put together fairly poorly by the LFS I brought the tank form (it was a ex display so came assembled) so you my want to strip and reassemble this, I do also believe the cabinate is missing a supporting piece from the middle of it (although a new one I looked at at the weekend didn't have it so maybe not?) however it seems to still support the tank fine (I have had it for about 5 years now with no issues)

However, the tank sprang a leak in the front bottom right corner of the tank last friday. There is no damage to the glass it is just seeping between the silicone between the two panes of glass and should be easy to reseal, I only elected to not do this myself as it meant emptying the hole tank and I didn't want to do this only to find the tank still leaked (or stated leaking somewhere else). I would strongly suggest going over the rest of the seals in the tank very carefully to make sure there isn't any damage anywhere else

The tank is free to anyone who is able to come and collect it

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