Little pond :)

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Re: Little pond :)

Post by Ric »

Once you have the pond in the ground you'll find toads, frogs, newts may make their way over on their own accord.
Sticklebacks, occasionally, are available in aquatic shops (coldwater section, obviously :D) or on classified sites from private pond owners.

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Re: Little pond :)

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Hi Maisie,
I don't think l would put "tropical fish" in you little pond for the reasons already mentioned in a previous post. It sounds like a perfect pond for wildlife to me. I would put 6 Minnows in and let nature do the rest. Now the summer is over perhaps you will let us know how it went and what you decided on.
Best wishes as always,
The Lazy Saint.

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Re: Little pond :)

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Maisie123 wrote: Mon May 04, 2020 12:56 pm Both sticklebacks and frogspawn sound like a great idea, not sure I’d know where to start though. I’ll do some research on keeping both- thanks!
Frogs, toads, smooth and palmate newt are heavily in decline in this country as ponds are getting destroyed by development.

Not sure where you live but if you could leave a wildlife pond and have suitable habitats nearby you could find it thriving, may even get dragon and damselflies.

Sticklebacks can easily be caught by tying a worm to a bit of cotton and attaching it to a garden bamboo cane (people of an age will relate to this!!), they are not protected so can be taken to your pond with no issues.
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