Algae started in established tank advice please

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Re: Algae started in established tank advice please

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Thank you, I have ordered a java fern.

Sorry I didn't explain very well. I'm concerned something has already gone wrong with the cycle & by removing the plants that were in I might make it worse.

The loach now just hides all day. When you can see it it's laying with fins clamped and it's stopped eating. It's not eating algae wafers - I just take them back out of tank uneaten and it's not feeding around the tank either. I don't think it's very well now.

The tank only used to grow green algae which the loach was really happy to eat so didn't have any algae problem even with the light on for long time. Since this brown algae came something seems to have gone wrong in the tank.

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Re: Algae started in established tank advice please

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Are you only feeding algae wafers for the loach?
They are true omnivores and need a good, varied diet.......with fresh veg and meat protein food.
I would tempt it back to eating with garlic-soaked frozen (but defrosted) food such as the quartet or quintet packs so it isn't the same all the time, also pieces of courgette, red and yellow peppers to get vitamins and minerals in it.

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