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Re: Panic buying...

Post by Staffylover »

Hi Jon,
Difficult to imagine how you could have caught it or anything else for that matter if you have already been in isolation for so long,
Hopefully it wont develop into anything much,
keep the fish watching de - stress sessions up,
take care of yourself - yes keep us updated :swim:
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Re: Panic buying...

Post by Vale! »

Firmly crossing fingers for you, JD.

Medics from a number of countries have indicated possible symptoms that (so far as I'm aware) haven't been reported by the media : a metallic taste in the mouth (where else?!) ; sudden loss of taste and smell ; and a redness around the eyes. I couldn't fully understand the latter - it's definitely not the whites of the eyes but exactly what they meant eluded me.

There seems to be mounting evidence that at least one of the current strains of SARS-Cov-2 can attack nerve tissue.

There are apparently three mobile phone carriers in China - where relatively few people have PC's, doing everything on phones instead. Someone used the published data relating to the total number of current subscribers across the three in (I think) January/February and calculated that 18.1 million of them had disappeared. Another, similar, calculation reckoned it was more like 21 million. It may be (they say) that changing to 5G had accounted for some of them (though wouldn't they be registered to one of the three carriers anyway? - I don't know).
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Re: Panic buying...

Post by fr499y »

it certainly is worrying. I read earlier on the news that the youngest ever person to die from Covid-19 was from the UK and had no underlying health issues. A real eye opener for those who think its all a joke.

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Re: Panic buying...

Post by Fishtales »

Oh Jon, sorry to hear this. I hope it isn't the virus. Thank you for posting this and yes please, keep us updated on your current health/symptoms.

I have just been on the phone with my mam for nearly 3 hours helping her navigate through the Asda home delivery. Waiting in a queue and being kicked off the site numerous times. I had to push the importance of completing the delivery instructions stating that she is self isolating due to age and bad health.

I am glad you have your son on the other end of the phone. I don't know what support is available with the current restrictions.
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Post by Martinspuddle »

Feel for you @Jon_D and hopefully this is nothing more than just a normal bug.
...I'm going for long drive to check if my piles to are OK :grin:
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Post by Stephen »

All the best Jon_D. Fingers crossed it is only a cold or flu and nothing nastier.
Take care.
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Post by Mol_PMB »

If anyone on this forum thinks they haven’t got a thermometer, think again!
Ok, it’s in the fish tank, but you don’t have to put it in your mouth to take your temperature, under the arm is fine. Maybe wash it before putting it back in the fish tank though!

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Post by mikeyw64 »

what about washing it *after* removing from the fish tank?

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Post by Gingerlove05 »

Sorry to hear and really hope your ok Jon, keep us posted on how you are doing and i hope its not the virus.

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Re: Panic buying...

Post by WinterRose73 »

Fishtales wrote:
Wed Mar 25, 2020 20:40 pm

I am glad you have your son on the other end of the phone. I don't know what support is available with the current restrictions.
Local authorities are working flat out to get support out there for vulnerable people. I have to say that the NHS are doing an absolutely amazing job but local authorities are doing all they can as well.

Having worked for both NHS and local government I would like to say that the NHS are not the only ones doing everything they can at the moment to help. We are all working closely together to keep people safe.

Edited : I have deleted and changed some text re personal reasons - apologies. See links below. ... vulnerable ... 9-outbreak
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