Updated List of Ex Austrolebias Species: Alphabetically Sorted for Easy Tracking

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Following the latest revision, an updated list of ex Austrolebias species is provided below:

Acantholebias luteoflammulatus
Acantholebias quirogai
Acrolebias carvalhoi
Amatolebias patriciae
Amatolebias varzeae
Amatolebias wichi
Argolebias guarani
Argolebias nigripinnis
Argolebias paranaensis
Austrolebias accorsii
Austrolebias apaii (Synonym of Austrolebias bellottii)
Austrolebias bellottii
Austrolebias ephemerus
Austrolebias gibberosus (Synonym of Austrolebias bellottii)
Austrolebias irregularis (Synonym of Austrolebias bellottii)
Austrolebias maculatus (Synonym of Austrolebias bellottii)
Austrolebias melanoorus
Austrolebias queguay
Austrolebias univentripinnis
Austrolebias vandenbergi
Cypholebias cinereus
Cypholebias nioni (Synonym of Cypholebias cinereus)
Cypholebias nonoiuliensis (Synonym of Cypholebias robustus)
Cypholebias robustus
Cypholebias vazferreirai (Synonym of Cypholebias cinereus)
Garcialebias adloffi
Garcialebias arachan
Garcialebias araucarianus
Garcialebias bagual
Garcialebias botocudo
Garcialebias charrua
Garcialebias cheffei
Garcialebias lourenciano
Garcialebias minuano
Garcialebias nachtigalli
Garcialebias nigrofasciatus
Garcialebias nubium
Garcialebias pongondo
Garcialebias reicherti
Garcialebias salviai (Synonym of Garcialebias reicherti)
Garcialebias viarius
Matilebias affinis
Matilebias alexandri
Matilebias camaquensis
Matilebias cyaneus
Matilebias duraznensis
Matilebias ibicuiensis
Matilebias juanlangi
Matilebias litzi
Matilebias luzardoi (Synonym of Matilebias periodicus)
Matilebias mabelis (Synonym of Matilebias affinis)
Matilebias paucisquama
Matilebias periodicus
Matilebias toba
Megalebias schreitmuelleri (Synonym of Megalebias wolterstorffi)
Megalebias wolterstorffi
Titanolebias cheradophilus
Titanolebias elongatus
Titanolebias holmbergi (Synonym of Titanolebias elongatus)
Titanolebias monstrosus
Titanolebias prognathus
Titanolebias spinifer (Synonym of Titanolebias elongatus)

Thanks to Felipe Alonso for the valuable assistance. Please bear in mind that this list may change in the future as new research and revisions emerge. Stay tuned for more updates in the captivating world of ex Austrolebias species! Don't hesitate to share this exciting news with your fellow fish enthusiasts and let the discussion flow.
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