GERMAN REEF TANKS - 4000 Liter / 890 gallon

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WinterRose73 wrote: Fri May 08, 2020 18:40 pm W. O. W. Beautiful.

The whole house also looked stunning. I love the whole idea of the minimalist look (not going to achieve it, but I like it!).
Problem is with that sort of house, you have to be ultra tidy and clean. Nah not for me, like me pigsty to much! :grin:
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@Martinspuddle me too which is why I'll never achieve it lol. Got faaaaar too much clutter!!!
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Staffylover wrote: Fri May 08, 2020 12:03 pm Very nice, I have a question for all you ex/ current marine keepers why in marine tanks is the light always blue? don't they like it too bright :huh:
The blues help bring out the fluorescent colours of the corals. Most corals look quite dull without the right mix of colours.

Corals are pretty much like plants and the vast majority will do fine under a 6500k bulb depending on its wattage.

I do miss my reef tanks but unless you spend mega bucks it’s hard to get them and keep a decent sized tank running smoothly. If you like your gadgets it’s the way to go though 🤣

I reckon that tank costs about £200-300 a month to keep it running, that’s probably without electric or buying new equipment, fish or corals. One day....
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