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Qt filter

Post by PaulVerrall »


I'm going to use this old hidom filter in my 30 litre qt tank for 3 small convicts.

The fish are coming thurs. My best way of seeding the filter?
I can take the Polyfilter and or the polishing pad out my fx4, cut to size and push in with the sponges already in it. Will there be enough bacteria on these?
Is it better to put my hidom sponges in my fx4 for couple days and then take out and put back in the hidom?

P.s I took the bottom section of hidom filter off to make it fit the small tank. I figure it'll only be a short time running with 3 small fish. (They will be sectioned in big tank after)

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Re: Qt filter

Post by LookoutTrout »

I'd go for the Polyfilter option but that's mainly because I wouldn't want to be opening up my FX twice in a week. When it's open stick a sponge in the bottom so it's ready for next time.

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Re: Qt filter

Post by Martinspuddle »

Take the bottom section sponge out and replace it with a small amount of your mature Biomax media.

You can top up the media in your FX with some new Biomax.
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Re: Qt filter

Post by plankton »

......and a dose of Seachem Stability or Tetra Safestart. ;)

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