Taxonomic suffix codes

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Taxonomic suffix codes

Post by martin rick »

I'm seeing several plants and fish with alphanumeric codes after their taxonomic names, such as Hygrophyla siamensis 53B This is a bit new to me and I suppose its some form of provisional coding before a definite name is given. Is that right and how do the codes work?

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Re: Taxonomic suffix codes

Post by BigBen »

With fish it means it has yet to be formally scientifically described. I'd imagine it's the same in plants.
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Re: Taxonomic suffix codes

Post by fr499y »

Its another veriety of Hygrophila Siamensis, a hybrid if IIRC. the 53B being a 'bushy' varient of Hygrophyla Corymbosa Siamensis I think the digits at the end allow the plant to be categorised easier ( or maybe the final number of the hybrid that grows/looks how they wanted! ).

In case you didn't know, a bit more info to help when looking at plants.

SP - When referring to a plant in a genus and do not know which species it is
SPP - When referring collectively to some or all of the species in a genus

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