Size and growth of Red Cherry Shrimp - 25g?

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Size and growth of Red Cherry Shrimp - 25g?

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I've just been reading around a bit for interesting factoids about RCS, and came across this curious article. ExpertAquarist - How Fast do Cherry Shrimp Grow
Some of the phrasing is a bit odd, so I can't quite decide if it's just a non-native English translation issue, or if it's one of those cobbled-from-other-people's-pages sites. This part in particular made me question the whole thing though:
At the first stage, the shrimp starts its life journey from the post-larva cycle. It usually begins with the shrimp birth and continues for the next 24-48 hours. The post-larva will be around 3-4 grams during this entire growing cycle.
Now, I have some "post-larval shrimp" in my tank right now, and they're about 2-3mm long, and if they are 4g in weight, I'm boiling them down for the heavy metals they must be made of.

If the adults I have are 25g, I estimate they're denser than gold.

Here's the only true comparison I could find that I could relate to, and that looks like a LOT of shrimp:


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