Fr499y shrimp tank 🦐

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Re: Fr499y shrimp tank 🦐

Post by Drifty »

Sorry to hear hope you can cool down the room or something :)
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Re: Fr499y shrimp tank 🦐

Post by Gingerlove05 »

Sorry for your losses :(
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Re: Fr499y shrimp tank 🦐

Post by Wishafish »

Sorry to see this 😞
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Re: Fr499y shrimp tank 🦐

Post by plankton »

That's a real shame, it is difficult to keep the heat down in a smaller tank, even moreso when it not a taller tank. :(

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Re: Fr499y shrimp tank 🦐

Post by fr499y »

Indeed! The tank hasn’t dropped in temp ( 27*C currently ) but I’ve put an air pump in to try and give it a bit more oxygen/surface movement. Seems to have done the job as no more dead in or out of the tank! Still have one male amano shrimp out of the lot that were in there, and some how the lone Otto hasn’t been affected.

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Re: Fr499y shrimp tank 🦐

Post by F3l1ss »

Erg so sorry you lost most of them :( hoping for your last fella.
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