Can't find my Amano Shrimp

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Can't find my Amano Shrimp

Post by Fantomas01 »

Hi everyone

I added a couple of reasonably big Amano shrimp to my tank a month or so ago, and I saw them fairly regularly for a few days, but over time they have become more and more elusive. I saw one briefly last week, but nothing since. I do have fish in there, but I would have thought the shrimp were large enough to not be eaten by my platies and guppies, although I do have a dwarf gourami as well.

I have checked with the lights off, like during the night, but still nothing. I have tried to tempt them out with a couple of algae wafers, pieces of blanched cucumber but they dont seem to come out for anything. My tank is pretty heavily planted especially with Hygrophila Siemensis 53B at the back.

I guess they could have perished, but everything else seems OK, and water parameters are stable.

I would like to have some shrimp so am considering purchasing more but if it's a bad idea to mix shrimp and fish I won't bother.


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Re: Can't find my Amano Shrimp

Post by BigBen »

I rarely see my Amano's in my planted tank, I thought I'd lost them but I seen two the other day. I don't know if a Dwarf Gourami would be capable of having them as a snack, I can't remember if I kept them together or not.
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Re: Can't find my Amano Shrimp

Post by Drifty »

I rarely see mine and my red cherry shrimps today I had to repair the tree... It collapse... I only saw 4 red cherry missing 2 and 3 Amano's no idea where they are.... but their in there somewhere. also heavy planted with guppies and platys.
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Re: Can't find my Amano Shrimp

Post by plankton »

Amanos are good at hiding, especially if they're moulting.
Gourami are prone to eat shrimp though, through pecking at them bit-by-bit, so, if the Amanos weren't quite big enough to avoid it, it is possible that they've been eaten.

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Re: Can't find my Amano Shrimp

Post by Stephen »

I used to have 2 x Amano shrimp, saw them for a few days and then they disappeared.
I saw them on the odd occasion then nothing. I assumed that they must of perished.
Then when I removed a piece of bogwood and placed it in a bowl to give it a scrub, the 2 x Amano shrimp fell off the bogwood and in to the bowl.
I netted them quickly and put them back in to the aquarium (they can move and jump when they want to).
Each time I removed that piece of bogwood to give it a scrub they appeared in the bottom of the bowl.
They can be very elusive.
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Re: Can't find my Amano Shrimp

Post by fr499y »

I only see mine when sinking food goes in. They are like torpedos!

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Re: Can't find my Amano Shrimp

Post by Redpanda »

My shrimp don’t come out for food at all . I am hoping I have 4 in the tank. I find occasionally a shell after moulting, then occasionally see one or two swimming around during water changes. Really don’t know if all 4 are in there 🙈

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Re: Can't find my Amano Shrimp

Post by Andys temperate tank »

My cherry shrimp are always on show. I used to see the amanos in the big tank all the time until the Angel's went in.

Now I only seem to see them when fresh water is going in.
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Re: Can't find my Amano Shrimp

Post by Peter »

With the Amano's I had, 2 of them, I soon learned it was a rarity to see them. They have an amazing ability to "melt" into the background...

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Re: Can't find my Amano Shrimp

Post by FishyMcFishFace »

I bought 3 last week and only seen glimpses of tails and whiskers from behind things, done a 20% water change and boom they are all out scavenging through the bits and pieces that I stirred up. Till next week I guess ::thumbu:: .
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