Not recommended. Aylesford Aquatics

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Not recommended. Aylesford Aquatics

Post by PaulVerrall »

I visited 4 shops Sunday all in the local area, including this one for the first time.
This particular one had the most range of fish, some really out there stuff from dinner plate size stingray to arowana and pleco (huge, didnt look real) and a tank crammed with discus.
I know the fish are high turn over so aren't kept in the greatest of conditions but these were exceptionally bad for a LFS.
What bothered me even more though, was watching the assistant trying to get a ram out for a lady (very loose term) who already had 2 yellow labs (I might be being judgy here but didnt look like a multi tank lady as was clearly picking fish for colour rather than species). He opened the tank above the Rams tank to float a bag in and a silver dollar I think it was, a fair size, jumped out of the tank fell maybe just over a yard to the carpet, flipped a couple of times and went under the tanks.
The young guy doing the fishing thought this was very funny, and sort of shrugged at the lady and appeared resigned to the fish being lost.
I jumped in and said turn the net round, use the stick to slide under the tanks and try and get it out, after several attempts he managed it and put it back in its tank, it sunk, not sure whether they do that in shock or what, I didnt hang about, left, deleted place out of my seat nav never to frequent the place again!
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Re: Not recommended. Aylesford Aquatics

Post by Gingerlove05 »

Yeah that sounds awful Paul :(
I feel sorry for that silver dollar, i would suspect he might not make it. Most fish if they take a good knock can sink until they wake themselves up, a bit like knocking yourself out, I had a gourami that jumped and it took him a couple of mins to cone back around.
But what horrendous treatment :(
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Re: Not recommended. Aylesford Aquatics

Post by F3l1ss »

Thank goodness you were there to force them to at least attempt to save it x
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