Tank storage

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Tank storage

Post by RandomTeaPig »

I have recently passed some fish on to friend and now have a rimless 50 tank that will need to go into storage along with second 100 i will hopefully be picking up in a few weeks.
Im curious about how people package/protect their aquariums while in storage. As iv looked at a few second hand ones recently that were probably really nice tanks before storage.
Iv been thinking strong card folded around all edges a and then double/triple layer bubble wrap but im unsure if this would be sufficient. My friend suggested maybe adding either a thick tarp or heavily wrap in shrink wrap on top of card and bubble wrap. They will be living in a padlocked wooden shed until i finally manage to find a new house within my price range where i live. (Project houses can be fun lol).
So after all that i guess im asking how yall prep tanks for storage
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Re: Tank storage

Post by Martinspuddle »

If it's clean inside @RandomTeaPig then I use cling film or pallet wrap to prevent dust and dirt getting inside. Make sure the aquarium is completely dry inside too, being housed in a shed with extreme cold temperatures could crack the glass if any ice forms.

Cardboard and bubble wrap is also a good idea especially to stop any damage should something fall against the aquarium.
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