Buying Fish Online

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Buying Fish Online

Post by Flex365 »

Looking to buy fish online - appreciate any recommendations.

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Re: Buying Fish Online

Post by fr499y »

Sweet knowle aquatics
Aquatics to your door

I’ve had good service from a few sellers off eBay as well.

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Re: Buying Fish Online

Post by Stephen »

Aqua Life Leyland, I have used them a few times, fish are top quality.
Just need to phone to check stock and prices.
6 foot (550L) - Rio Ucayali themed
9 x juvenile Biotodoma Cupido, 54 x Paracheirodon innesi, 17 x Thayeria boehlkei, 29 x Gold Laser Cory (CW010), 2 x Flash pleco (L204) named George & Mildred

2 foot (120L) - Breeding tank (temporary stocked)
15 x Paracheirodon innesi, 9 x Three-lined Cory (Corydoras trilineatus)

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Re: Buying Fish Online

Post by VikingMummy2015 »

I used Riverpark for my Congo’s (as the only supplier to deliver far enough north in Scotland!)
240L: 6 cherry barbs, 1 honey gourami,
6 Otocinclus, 1 elusive sterbai Cory, 6 standard rummynose, 4 golden rummynose tetra, 8 Congo tetra
57L: 8 sterbai, Pumpkin (nerite snail)

Parameters: gH2, kH1, pH7.4 (tap).
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