Algae problems.

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Algae problems.

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Hi, up to a few months ago, my 70 gallon tropical aquarium was blighted by green and brown algae covering the sand . I removed as much as I could and introduced some Malayan sand snails. They multiplied rapidly , but the algae problem ceased to exist. Controlling the snails then became an issue. Many were removed with little effect on population. I then introduced 10 Assassin snails and a few months down the road the sand snails are now almost wiped out.The Assassin snails are now present in quite large numbers, and will need reducing in numbers. But the downside of this is the green algae is starting to re appear in patches on the sand. I dosed the tank a few weeks ago with a little 3% hydrogen peroxide to get rid of algae on my Annubia plants, and that worked well. I did lose two of my bristle nosed plecos, but they didnt look in great health. The Angels, Cardinal Tetras and Harlequins all look fine. Any suggestions guys?.

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Re: Algae problems.

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Welcome to AF-UK

Any details of your setup? Light timings/intensity, water changes, tank size etc.

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Re: Algae problems.

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Welcome to the forum. :)
300l is quite a big tank, how's the flow around the tank?
What's the feeding regime - that can often be the cause of lots of little problems like algae?

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Re: Algae problems.

Post by Martinspuddle »

Greetings :] & welcome to AF-UK
JLBB1ker wrote: Thu Aug 04, 2022 9:46 am green algae is starting to re appear in patches on the sand
Sounds like Cyanobacteria. Need to post some details of setup and water test results. ;)
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