Santas Flying Certificate

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Santas Flying Certificate

Post by Jon_D »

With the number of airline disasters lately, the Civil Aviation Authority now sends an inspector to the North Pole to check out Santa Claus's sleigh before allowing him to fly on Christmas eve.

The inspector arrives and checks the reindeer and they look good, he checks the harness and it looks okay, he checks the sleigh and it is also okay.
Then he says, "Santa, lets take it up for a check ride and if everything looks good I'll certify you to fly."

Santa hitches the reindeer up and taxis onto the runway and just as he's starting his takeoff roll he looks over and notices the inspector has a pump shotgun on his lap.
"Hey! Whats the shotgun for!?" Santa yells.
The inspector says, "Well, Santa, I'm really not supposed to tell you this, but there is going to be an engine failure test for you on takeoff.

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Re: Santas Flying Certificate

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Re: Santas Flying Certificate

Post by plankton »

Was the inspector's name Boris perchance? ;)

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