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Hi. New to forum but not to fish keeping having kept marine years ago. Do have a Q tho. I got a 57l tank for my flat after breakup with ex allowed me to get back into hobby. Bought 3 swordtails and the little beggars just kept breeding. No breeding tank or anything, the fry just survived. I ended up with about 16 mixed males and females and a 2nd tank but gradually females have died leaving mostly males. However they seem to get on ok so should I get a couple of new females or leave it? Not really got space in tank for a new female in each so could stress them out even more by overcrowding but would it calm the males who do just occasionally kick off a bit.

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Re: Hi

Post by Stephen »

Hi and welcome to the forum. :)

A 57L aquarium is a little too small for Swordtails long-term, something around 4 foot would be better.
Livebearers are notorious breeders.

All the best
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Re: Hi

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Greetings :] & welcome to AF-UK
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Re: Hi

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Welcome to the forum mate.
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Re: Hi

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Welcome to the forum. :)
What @Stephen said. ;)

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Re: Hi

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Hello and welcome :)
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Re: Hi

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Welcome to AF-UK

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Re: Hi

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Welcome to the forums!
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