A-Z Aquatics (now closed)

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A-Z Aquatics (now closed)

Post by Stephen »

A-Z Aquatics Ltd, Balterley (now closed)

I was there back in July for my first visit and gave them a little praise.
Stephen wrote: Wed Jul 21, 2021 0:59 am A-Z Aquatics Ltd, Balterley (just 7 miles from Kidsgrove Tropicals), we almost missed it and had to turn around but found it the second time.
This is an independent site that looks very much like an old greenhouse from the outside.
The fish tanks are in a large room to the right of the entrance, first impression on looking was not exciting but that soon changed.
Some nice fish, lots of species, many tanks were empty but there were loads of tanks with fish.
The tropical fish room was dimly lid (which benefits the fish) but bright enough to see the fish and labels.
They actually had some Garnet tetra which is on my list, but sadly I could only count 4. So we walked away empty handed.
I really liked A-Z Aquatics.
On my way home today I thought I'd pop in but they are now closed and empty.
Some work was being done to the building but A-Z Aquatics are no more.
It's sad to see these independent stores closing.
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Re: A-Z Aquatics (now closed)

Post by Danmassey »

Yeah i follow them on facebook, not sure what the reason was but they were given about a month to vacate the premises. Some of the staff have taken jobs at Just Finns in Stoke - always found the staff at a-z helpful

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