A Project Reborn!

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Re: A Project Reborn!

Post by fr499y »

Always worth insulating if you have some spare.

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Re: A Project Reborn!

Post by Vale! »

Time for a progress report ...

I'd hoped to have been able to announce triumphantly that I now have a mini-tank full of hatched Moina : I don't, so can't!

No little jigglies appeared from those cysts of indeterminate age, so I used one of the two 'newer' capsules of cysts. Nothing appeared from that either! So I've : a) ordered some fresh cysts ; and b) this afternoon started hydrating my one remaining capsule but this time in a separate container of pure RO/DI floating in the mini-tank.

I took a look at the vases, nine days after starting them. They were both obviously much more dense than they were at the beginning ...


... so I thought I'd have a go at renewing the cultures. It was pretty easy (once the new sterilised water had cooled down!) but s-l-o-w because of the 6mm tubing that I used to syphon. Also, the rigid tubing doesn't extend deep enough into the cultures, so I was left with more than the recommended 'seed' culture in the bottom of both vases ...


.. I'll see how this re-culturing goes and will lengthen the rigid tubing if it seems appropriate to the eye. Actually, this time around I have a proper cell-density-measuring stick. However shoving it into a culture would unnecessarily compromise what I laughingly call the sterile conditions. So what I may need is two more vases that I can sterilise and use to prepare the reculture ; it then wouldn't matter if I contaminated the 'parent' culture once I'd removed the amount necessary to 'seed' the new one. The vases I have came from Tesco (they were £4 each, from memory) but a quick shopping search hasn't turned up any that are identical ; and the ones that are close are prohibitively expensive. I'll keep looking but I may have to DIY something eventually if I can't find a decent-enough match.

The plan was to put the 'spent' culture in the bath. For those baffled by that : I have an old bath in the garden in which grow live foods of various kinds! I hadn't thought that at this time of year the bath might not have much call for four litres or so of algal gloop. Before figuring out what useful purpose the spent gloop might otherwise serve, I went and inspected the bath more closely than I did last time I looked at it. I couldn't see any Daphnia at all. Undeterred, I dipped a jug into the bath and squinted over a light box at what came out ...


So they're there right enough : tiny but numerous! The syringe is there as a vague scale indicator. The new Moina cysts are in the post (from Russia, I think) but have an estimated arrival date of 2nd January. So I quickly fixed up the other mini-tank (which eventually and hopefully will house a second Moina culture for security) and put the Daphnia in it, plus 200mls of green gloop. The rest of the gloop went into the bath.

The setup now looks like this :


I still haven't fully got to grips with the 'smart' bulbs. Each morning one is on, while its representation on the app claims it's 'off' ; and the other is off, with the app announcing that it's 'offline'. A bit of manual jiggery (and indeed pokery) each morning puts things right while I struggle towards some kind of understanding of what's going on! They switch themselves off at the instructed time each night, though.

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