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Oldie newbie

Post by TheSmurfinator »

I have just returned to fishkeeping after a ten year break. I used to have 13 tanks in my one bedroomed flat, most over 200 litres and some as big as 600l, but I have just been given a tiny 27l tank to start again.
The reason I stopped last time was that I moved to Southern Spain where I have lived until 4 months ago when I returned to the UK.
I would like to have a few few small fishes, such as guppies and tetras, as well à maybe a shrimp or 2, but I have never had shrimp before so will be doing some research and would welcome any advice.

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Re: Oldie newbie

Post by fr499y »

Welcome to AF-UK 😁 ask away. I’m sure i can help regarding the shrimp front as I’ve had many a shrimp tank over the years 👍

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Re: Oldie newbie

Post by PaulVerrall »

Welcome, you'll get all the answers you need here

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Re: Oldie newbie

Post by Gingerlove05 »

Hello and welcome to AF-UK :)
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Re: Oldie newbie

Post by Stephen »

Hello and welcome to the forum :)
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Re: Oldie newbie

Post by black ghost »

It’s too small for fish. You could keep a Betta (male or female) but I wouldn’t as they roam over quite a large area (and I won’t keep a fish on its own). It’s big enough for shrimp.

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Re: Oldie newbie

Post by Lo1 »

Welcome to the forum and back to fish keeping.
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Re: Oldie newbie

Post by plankton »

Welcome to the forum. :)
Have you found out how hard the water is? That will help you decide what to do with the tank. ;)

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Re: Oldie newbie

Post by Martinspuddle »

Greetings :] & welcome to AF-UK

Ornamental Shrimp - just remember, if it's small enough to fit into a fishes mouth it will be eaten.
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