Electricity costs

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Re: Electricity costs

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We're not connected to mains electricity. We have on average around 3,000 sunshine hours a year. We have 16m2 of solar panels which between April and the end of September is more than sufficient for our needs. The batteries are usually fully charged by mid day. If we have no sun for a couple of days we have to start the generator for a couple of hours a day. This is expensive but taken over the year our energy costs are minimal. I know that the equipment has to be bought but I view that as buying my energy in advance. Break even for us is about two years, after that free energy. To install mains electricity is way too expensive ,last quote, 100,000€. I'd like mains water but the town pump is not powerful enough to pump up to our house, so a lorry comes as needed to fill up our deposit.

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Re: Electricity costs

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I'd love to be self sufficient but batteries seem to be a big sticking point, they cost a fortune. There are issues when also connected to an external electricity supply and solar installations here take about 20 years to break even on cost.

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