Some people...

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Re: Some people...

Post by Maddie »

BigBen that made me chuckle

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Re: Some people...

Post by LookoutTrout »

The RSPCA is the obvious choice but has proven it can't be trusted with legal powers, when the Post Office scandal hit it turned out the RSPCA had the same powers and used them the same way. The RSPCA is now distancing itself from private prosecutions as public scrutiny won't end well.

I don't know what the answer would be, first there needs to be a set of rules that people agree on.

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Re: Some people...

Post by Staffylover »

It's possible this was posted just to provoke a response, I can't see any fish in the pic so I hope this is the case, I believe Germany has some legal rules in place relating to fishkeeping here is a quote from an article "The German Animal Welfare Act prescribes that vertebrates (fish) need to be kept in aquariums with a minimum volume of 54 litres."
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Re: Some people...

Post by black ghost »

We have the Duty of Care Act, which is law, but it’s an impossible task to police every home, so it isn’t policed much at all. Except when a footballer kicks a cat. It’s also very vague in its requirement and needs to be much more refined... and policed. Well done Germany for being one step further along the road.
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Re: Some people...

Post by BigBen »

That 54l rule is a good one. Would be easy enough to bring in. The small tanks will disappear over time.

The original post has now gone, however there was another picture with the fish (a pair!) posted later
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Re: Some people...

Post by Dannii »

I wish the laws here were more regulated. A lot of the inspectors won't test the water in stores, leaving careless businesses to get away with whatever they please

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